About Gorilla Softworks

We are a team that has both passion and experience, and we are intended to serve gamers with innovative and high-quality games. We don’t want to create copy-paste or ordinary games, we want to make remarkable games.

We intend to communicate with players as much as possible and listen to new ideas as the rocess of development. You may reach us via discord or e-mail, and we are eager to talk with you.



Efe Vural
Lead Developer

A master strategy gamer, who doesn’t want to waste his years of gaming experience. Also a great software developer who sometimes forgets calling the function. Determined entrepreneur who decided to combine his these two precious skills.


Game Art
Deniz Şakar

A hopeless perfectionist who obsessed with the aesthetic. Dedicated designer who cares the tusk color of a mammoth more than his life. The man who works to please your eyes.


Hakan Kökcen

The new seed of the team. Enthusiastic software developer with his glowing ideas, and with files he forgets to push. Totally a nerd.


Efe Çangırılı

A young innocent soul who has hopes of being a software developer. A very keen researcher and content creator of The Ancients.